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Susan Kramer Pottery

Vermont made Pottery since 1997



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Winter enthusiasts all know what it's like at the end of a day of skiing. The legs are tired, the face feels radiant, you've had your best run down your favorite trail, sharing your passion with your best friends. Then you take your helmet or your hat off. Yikes! Cover up that mop!!

These hats are hand crocheted using double yarn and are fleece-lined for super warmth against the winter's weather, and comfortable enough to wear either on the hill or for apres-ski activities. HATHEAD encourages everyone to be informed about the use of helmets during skiing or snowboarding. If going without a helmet is your choice, then HATHEAD hats will make you stand out in the crowd. If wearing a helmet is your choice, then put on a HATHEAD hat at the end of the day. These are guaranteed to bring a smile to that already smiling face. Oh, and kids love them too!!

AND, they are fully endorsed by the artist herself.

Best Girlfriend


Bromley Outing Club Retro