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Susan Kramer Pottery

Vermont made Pottery since 1997



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Travel Mugs

Sunshine yellow with deep blue inside. Stripes in and out.

Bright blue with tangerine inside. Stripes in and out.

Hand painted & Lead- free. $24.00 each

Everyday Mugs

It's not just the coffee that will wake you up in the morning. These mugs will get you smiling before your first sip!

Hand made on the potter's wheel. 12 oz.

Bright Aqua, Candy Red, Bright Yellow, Lime

Lead-free. $24.00/ each

Aqua on Red

Rustic, Warm Aqua hues spread over Red earth clay.

Approximately 4" high x 3" wide. 12 oz.

Hand made, lead- free. $20.